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I am a maker of hand-made fine art prints, and teacher of printmaking classes and workshops. My studio is in the beautiful village of Kommetjie, nestled between the ocean and the mountains, just outside of Cape Town. 

As both artist and teacher, creating fine art limited edition prints inspires constant growth in my art making, and motivates contemporary guidance for the etching classes and printmaking workshops I hold in my studio.

My art practice is centred around working with ideas and images which I hope will inspire as well as evoke, through the sharing of my passion for printmaking. The themes of landscape, environment and the liminal, appearing in both abstract mappings as well as more intricate images of nature, are most prominent in my artworks.

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Printmaking workshops and classes in various processes and techniques are open to all,
from beginners up to the more experienced printmaker.

The printmaking studio is fully equipped with two presses, all necessary tools and materials,
and accommodates
up to 6 students per session.

There is no previous experience required for the weekly etching classes, though I do recommend
a minimum of 8 sessions as there is so much to learn. (Many students have chosen to continue for several years).

Information regarding content and dates will be posted here as well as on my social media and via my mailing list.
Individual tuition can also be arranged.

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